Sunday, June 9, 2013 By: fishandtam

Vanilla Body Spray for Bugs!

This past weekend we went camping and hiking by the Mississipi River. I probably don't have to go into detail about how bad the bugs were that close to the water. It was ridiculous. We were riding bikes through what seemed like walls of gnats and mosquitoes (makes me itch just thinking about it). Mom lived close and was going to come visit us at our campsite so I asked her if she would bring some vanilla extract to help us with our bug issue. Yes, you read that right, it's the same vanilla extract that you use when baking scrumptious cookies. Usually we would just dab a little of that on our neck and behind our ears. 

When her and her friend, Charlene, arrived they couldn't believe how bad the bugs were either. Charlene knew that this called for something a little more potent. So she brought this vanilla body spray from the car. Literally within seconds they left us alone. I couldn't believe it!!! We used it for the rest of the weekend and didn't have any problems. It was awesome. Not only did the bugs disappear, but we all smelled delicious.

You can find this product at Walgreens!!!


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