Thursday, June 2, 2011 By: fishandtam

Organizing Rows of Berries

Well it's that time of year again....

Our raspberries and blackberries are becoming more established since we planted them two years ago so we needed to contain them to the rows where they're planted and train the vines to stay within the row and off the ground so it's easier to mow, trim, and pick the berries at harvest time. (excited squeel for picking them)

To do this we put in steel "t" posts about 20 feet or so a part on each side of the row and wrapped wire around the posts. The first level of wire is at 2 feet, and the second level of wire is at 40 inches.
For each section of berries we set four posts. We did two posts 22 inches a part on the ends and each section is about 20 feet long. Then we wrapped wire around the posts at 2 different heights.


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